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Monday, January 11, 2016

2016: The Year Of The Bud

2016 is the year, The Year Of The Bud! I feel that marijuana will finally be legalized across the board!


If you're on-board, then please use this hashtag across social media sites everywhere: #YearOfTheBud


Hillary Clinton is desperate to beat The Bern, Bernie Sanders in 2016 for the office of President! She acts like she cares about me and my fellow autistic individuals, but she is just hungry for power!


Don't fall for Hillary's fake "act of compassion", because she is using us for her own gain! She is abusing a statistic based on how many people are born with or who developed autism, and she knows how many people want what's best for their autistic child.


Bernie Sanders is more popular with moms and their children than Hillary Clinton! If you want to decrease the chances of your child being a victim of Mass Incarnation, then Bernie will fight for you and your child when he becomes, the next President Of The United States Of America!



Stoners, Try This While You're High!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hiccups ARE Caused By Gas

The first time I had the bright idea to treat hiccups with 'gas relief' medication, I really seen the difference! I kept having numerous on-and-off hiccups for the last couple of days before I decided to try this.


The hiccups were relentless and they would come back just about every, single, hour! But when I finally tried the gas relief medication, the hiccups were gone within 30 minutes!


Please consult your doctor or physician before taking any kind of medication, and when they give you the o.k., take the recommended dosage and you will likely feel the difference!


Discovered by: Joseph D. Smith, autistic author and blogger.

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