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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hitler's Final Breath (short-story)

It was cold and dark in Deutschland, but being an American who traveled across the ocean, I was well awake due to my biological clock. I had heard a very tightly, closed rumor that Adolf Hitler was still being kept alive in an undisclosed location somewhere in Germany!

I just had to know the truth... He had killed many of my Jewish blood-relatives, and I wanted to know for myself. What would I say to him? How would I feel?!

To say the least, I followed my basic instincts. And, I found him. He was barely breathing... He had an oxygen plug around his nose. I felt no sympathy for him, whatsoever.

He seemed frightened, just blatantly scared to death, not able to move or say anything!

Finally, I walked up to him. As I reached him, I pulled the oxygen off his face. He couldn't breathe. I turned around and walked away, without saying... a single word.

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