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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Because I Stepped Forward (Paraphoem)

Because I Stepped Forward

By: Julius the Jules, a.k.a Joseph D. Smith

Because I stepped forward, I took two steps back! I'm all-around! Because I'm all that. And it's o.k., to say hurray!

Don't you show, what you don't know. Take it all, and take two steps forward! Now take two steps back. I'm all-around, because I'm all that!

Take two steps forward! Now spin your back. My heart is black, but it's o.k.! Okie-dokie-doo! I love you too.

I feel we are done, so why not with me you run? It's so much fun, to see my friends all-day long-onnng...

It's because I stepped forward, here comes 2016! When you're a teen, root for your team. Let off some steam! I know just what you mean.



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